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Go Look - You Won't Be Sorry...

Everyone on my friends list has heard me go on and on and on about my wonderful gifts I've received from the three sshg_exchange 's I've participated in. They've all been great, and this time is no different.

This time you've heard me gush about the gift I received from foxestacado .  If you loved The Portrait of Severus Snape and Hermione Granger, you need to go visit her LJ right now and see THIS post.

She is making 10, and only 10 prints of my gift. The first one she is sending to me (YAY!), the second and third she will be auctioning for charity, and prints 4-10 she is selling.  Even if you hadn't previously thought about whether or not you want a copy of this for yourself (and you know you do!, you have to go over and read her post, because she has so many fascinating behind the scenes notes on the entire process of creating everything in the picture, from the book Hermione carries, to the lily, to the reasons why she picked every last detail in this piece. 

Go look! Tell your friends!


The reveal is up for the sshg_exchange so I can finally reveal what I wrote this time around. 

My fic Breathe that I wrote for timestep  was an absolute joy to write, though when I initially wrote it I was afraid it was total crap.  It took the combined efforts of Shug, SLogic and Kel to talk me down from my ledge that I was threatening to jump from when I turned it in.  I just kept saying to myself that even if no one else liked it, I had fun trying a little something out of my comfort zone. 

Betcha didn't guess that one was me, didja?  Huh? Huh?

~miscellaneous factoid~ I just put a link in my LJ.  Go me! I've only been on LJ for 3 years and just figured out how to do it correctly. :)

And last, but certainly not least...

Timestep - thank you for the amazing prompt! Words cannot express how glad I was to hear that you like your story.

Keladry Lupin - thank you for the awesomeness that is you and your mad beta skillz! ~sloppy kisses and rib crushing hugs~

Shiv, Gin, SLogic, and Mollyssister - thank you for giving up such a huge chunk of your lives to entertain us and keep fandom thriving!

Foxestacado - you are an amazing artist, and I'm sooooo happy with my gift.  I stood in front of your Lily at Portus last summer and was overwhelmed at the beauty.

My Exchange Gift! Wheeeeeeee!

If you haven't been over to see it yet, you MUST go take a look at my gift in the sshg_exchange that posted today.  It is so amazing that I don't even have words to describe it.  The artist has asked for no hotlinks without permission, so I won't post any here, but you MUST, MUST, MUST go look at the rich colors, the expression on their faces, and the total gorgeousness.  And the artist offered me an archival copy of it, too!!!  Thank you, thank you, mystery artist!

And along those same lines, the Exchange is over once again, and the mods deserve our unending gratitude for giving up so much time for our corner of fandom! I've been horribly overcome with RL grad classes I'm taking this spring, so I didn't get to all of the pieces, but what I did get to was proof again that we've got such a talented group of people in our little piece of the world.  

ETA: Here's the link to my gift.  Thanks to Harmony Bites for explaining to me what hotlinking actually is.
Severus and Hermione, A Portrait

The ice storm cometh...maybe

Where I live, we don't get a lot of snow. Maybe 1-2 inches a year, and it tends to melt fairly quickly after it lands. When our family makes a snow man, we tend to think in terms of "Worlds Smallest Snowman" and scoop up a spoonful or so of snow for the head, maybe two spoonfuls for the body, the tip of an orange crayon for a nose and then run to take pictures. 

And this is okay with me. When I was younger and grew up here, I swore that I never wanted to live in the north because I hate cold weather. Imagine my dismay when the first eight years of my married life I lived in New England and the Midwest, and was able to experience weather so cold that at least once I threatened to lay down and die because it was easier to do that than to keep walking towards the car.  Thank goodness we're back where we started, mostly away from all that stuff. 

However, we do get ice storms every few years.  We'll sit above freezing by a degree or so during the day while the rain comes down, and then when night comes, it turns into a solid sheet of ice.

So if you're here in the U.S., you may have heard about a huge ice storm slicing its' way through the middle of the country. Right. Over. Me.

We got some ice last night, about 0.25 inches - just enough to cancel school for all of us. That's just enough to be annoying.  However, if everything shifts just "right" we're going to get another 1.00" tonight.  Enough to knock down power lines and generally disturb life in every way.  We had one back in 2000 that left my in-laws without power for 10 days. 

I realize there are worse things in life, but I have enough food stocked up, and I have a gas fireplace to heat the house, and I have good books to read and board games to play.  I won't be thrilled, but I can deal with it.  But if I lose the internet for more than 24 hours, I'm afraid it won't be pretty.

Come on weather. You can stay at 33F just for me. You can.  Please.  ~whimpers~


*waves to fellow travelling people*

I only live about 4 1/2 hours from Dallas, so I won't be heading out until Wednesday afternoon.  This time tomorrow evening, I should be in the presence of GinnyW and OzRatBag and oodles and oodles of others.

*runs around like chicken with head cut off*

So much to do!  So much to do!

Yes, I am a complete sap.

Okay, I admit it.  I like all sorts of music.  But every so often, I get really touched by a song. 

Here is my offering, sent to me by my hubby.  She is new to me, though as many songs as she has on iTunes, she probably isn't new to anyone else.

Woot!  Go me.  Finally figured out how to embed a video after a mere couple of years on LJ.  :D

Question for my very bright f-list

Anyone else having problems with gmail?  All I get is a blank white page when trying to sign in. 

(And I think that most of you know my technology limitations...'nuff said.)

I don't know all that much about computers, but I would hate to think that I broke the internetz.  :D

Ahem, ahem...

WARNING:  Self pimpage ahead.

I submitted my 2006 SS/HG Winter Exchange story The Beauty of Grace to both OWL and TPP.  It's still in the queue at OWL, but I'm a real author at TPP!  Miracles never cease. 

In case you're interested, Chapter One can be found here...

It's been a whirlwind month, what with ending the old job, starting the new job, starting to learn the ins and outs of teaching, family illnesses (nothing major, just the odd stomach and/or cold bug that seems to float through the primary schools everywhere), and the general letdown after the holidays are over, and you're left with two more months of winter to contend with.
Bleah.  Not enough time or energy left over for the internetz.

If anyone feels bad about the amount of procrastination in their lives, let me make you feel better by telling you that I'm currently looking at my Christmas tree.  Yes, thank you, it's artificial, so no shedding of dead tree parts all over the floor.  However, it's still on the timer, so every evening the lights come on, and it's Christmas all over again...without presents.  I usually take the tree down around the 1st of January, but with all the other stuff going on, it just didn't happen.  It's 7 1/2 feet tall, so it is too big to hide in a closet, and too big to cover with a sheet and ignore.   Especially when you consider that it is visible from the front door of the house to anyone who visits. 

I'm considering my options. 

Option 1:  Ask husband to bring in all the boxes, and actually put the stuff away.  It is a snow day here, and the first day that I've not had something pressing to do, or someplace to go. 

Option 2:  Ask husband to build a folding wall around the tree, and then remove wall in December and yell "Surprise!  The tree is out again."

Option 3:  Pull a few ornaments off the tree, and replace them with hearts.  Call it a Valentine's tree.

Option 4:  Work out a somewhat ethical way to offer bonus points to my students if they'll come over and do my dirty work.

Option 5:  Just leave it, and accept that I've become one of the crazy old ladies that everyone talks about.  This option is looking better and better, as it requires no work now, and lowers amount of work to do next holiday season.

Hmmmmm..... decisions, decisions.  And I was thinking of submitting my Exchange story to an archive, but don't know if I can be arsed.  I was thinking of adding just a little bit to the ending, but nothing is jumping out at me, and I don't know that I want to submit it anywhere as is.